Photographer Vasilisa Gordeeva


My name is Lisa Gordeeva.

Here I am sharing pictures through the prism of my vision of the world.

To define my style in photography, you first need to understand how I feel this world.

If you could assign songs to people, then mine would certainly be “Ben Howard — Move Like You Want”. I am in favor of being yourself without clichéd beauty standards, correct compositions, and studio light. I’m partly a fan of Lomography. For me, photoshoots are a captured moment, not a mathematical set of rules and this is mutual with everyone who appears into my lens.

At the photo session, we are running, jumping down stairs, climbing trees, kissing, getting wet to the skin even under the summer rain as well as the December snow, warm up and laughing a lot about how we suddenly became brave and decisive in a couple of hours of shooting and from this even more wonderful.

Photographer Vasilisa Gordeeva

Directions of work

At first, we are all shy, thinking we look stupid, but in the process of our work and conversations, we get to know each other better and get rid of internal barriers. 

Being yourself is the most beautiful thing. I photograph for the result, not for time. Therefore, it is important for me to spend at least a few hours with the people with whom I work.

Photographer Vasilisa Gordeeva
Photographer Vasilisa Gordeeva
Photographer Vasilisa Gordeeva

Photography cost  

Love stor

Photographer Vasilisa Gordeeva


Photographer Vasilisa Gordeeva


Get your photos as soon as possible

You will receive a link with photos and 3 months to download them after we discuss the deadlines for the completion of the work at the photoshoot. Usually, I send pictures after 5-7 days. Weddings are exception where I need 1 month after the date to send you all the pictures.

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